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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about the site or service that is not covered here, drop me an e-mail at john@i-race.net

Q. What will a web site do for me, the Racer?
A. Simple, EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE. If you have a sponsor, you can promote them on your site and if you don't, you can use the site as a means of helping you get one. The racer who markets them-selves gets the sponsors (winning also helps!).

Q. How do people find me and/or my sponsor on the Internet?
A. When we set-up your site we will have you give us all the "Key" words that someone would type in an internet search to find you or your sponsor and their products. After your site is up we will summit your site to different search engines.

Q. Who will have control of my site?
A. If your site is hosted on I-Race Network, we will provide all the maintenance and up keep based on your needs. All you have to do is provide us with the information and pictures. You can also have us build a site for you that you and have it hosted on irnhosting.com. This give you full control over the web site. This may be a good if you plan on doing a site yourself but are not sure how to get started.

Q. Can I see what the site or updates look like before they are live on the net?
A. Yes, we can put them on your site so that you will be the only one to view them until you o.k. the changes.

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